I don't like ice. I do like Frasier.


Asks, please.

Ask me things. I don’t use anon but if you don’t want it posted just tell me.


Tired but don’t feel like going to bed yet. Ask me things?



Watch out. The world’s behind you.

Waking up early on Saturday mornings is always so rewarding. It makes the weekend seem longer somehow.

Sometimes I see endless travel laid out in front of me, like I will have for the next 3 weeks, and it simultaneously makes me anxious and happy.

Today will consist of gym, food, movies (Wolverine), and laundry. Perhaps even a trip to Brooklyn is in store.

My neighbor is hammering the walls right now. I’m too zen to care at the moment (I’m probably 2 minutes away from banging on her door and telling her to stfu).

I had a sex dream last night which is the closest I get to the real thing these days. It was a pretty good one too. I plan to repeat last night’s dinner if that was the catalyst.

Have a wonderful day and maybe even ask me questions in my ask box?


Ask me questions about my trip if you’d like.

Now that I finally have full cell/Internet service!



or should i say bye. many people have left my blog for the greener pastures of people who actually have something to contribute other than pictures of my face! i get it.

it’s saturday night and i’m home alone reorganizing my closet and i’m HAVING THE BEST TIME. i wish i could have a little sale right here in my living room because i have an embarrassing amount of stuff i no longer want.

i’m going to the hamptons for the 4th of july. i’ve never been there. i don’t own anything white. better get on that.

i have mentioned it before, but i love folding laundry. it’s therapeutic and relaxing.

ask me things and talk to me. what do you guys want to know?



  • Extremely busy week for both work and personal extracurricular activities. Busy every night and day. I don’t really know if I like that or not.
  • Traveling for work next week whoo hoo!!! California allllll week. Can’t wait.
  • We are shooting a new Mendoza video tomorrow night. 1920’s themed. Stoked.
  • Just went to see Taken 2. Average at best. Do not rush to the theater.
  • I’m still doing very well on my self-imposed 30 Movies in 30 Day Challenge. I’m keeping a running draft post of all the films I watch and will post it at the end! COULD YOU GUYS BE MORE EXCITED FOR ANYTHING EVER?
  • I made grilled tilapia and sauteed spinach for dinner and it was unbelievable. I CAN’T STOP COOKING. IT’S MADNESS.
  • You’re asleep from how boring this list is.
  • Ask me things if you’d like.

I don’t pneuo what to do with myself.

I’m so very bored. I’ve watched all of Netflix. I cooked and prepared a bunch of food for the rest of the weekend. I cleaned a little bit. I put on new nail stickers. I read an entire book. I even did some WORK. I’m still sick - I definitely can’t leave the house. I don’t have much energy. Please tell me what to do with myself? Maybe ask me things?

Everyone has their own remedy for hangovers, e.g. greasy food, asprin, buttsex, ect. I'm curious to know what yours is. Can you share?


The first thing I do is cry, puke and shit all at the same time. I call it the “Full Evacuation.”

Then I immediately hobble across the street to the bodega to get a metric fuck-ton of Coca Cola Classic. It is a miracle beverage and hangovers are the only time I consume it. I drink as much of it as I can. Then I take 4 Advil, curl up on the bathroom floor, and pray for death.


Give me your phone.

Don’t steal this idea you guys, but I want to start a service where I help people respond to text messages. I want to call it “Give me your phone.” I need your help to get started.

Does anyone have a text message they got but they don’t know how to reply? Maybe from an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend? A booty call? Maybe from a co-worker you hate? Maybe from a family member who is mean?

Send it to me! Put it in my ask box or reply with it to this post and I will help you with a great reply. THIS SERVICE IS FREE OF CHARGE SO ACT NOW!


Hey Shira.. I know, I'm a jerk for not knowing this, but I just caught it now. What is this podcast you speak of? are you in it? what is it called and where can I get it?Also, I LOVE ice. Especially when it's in cream form. - Patrick


Hi Patrick!

I was a guest last night on Russell and Leighton’s podcast, “The Long and Late Movie Show.” You can listen to it here:

You can also subscribe to it on iTunes from there! 


So far my 20 Questions video will have 9 questions.




20 Questions Video.

I’m going to make another 20 Questions Video later today, much like this one.

Go ahead and ask me some questions, either here or in ye olde aske boxe

Anything you want, I will answer it. One question per person. 



Winter solstice greetings.

I’m going to send holiday cards to the internet! I don’t care what religion you are, the card will be of some holiday - Hanukkah or Christmas or simply winter or peace or whatever. Because it’s all just really about wishing each other well, isn’t it? I SAID ISN’T IT? THE ANSWER IS YES!

If you would like to have a greeting sent by me to you and yours, please ask box me with your name, address, social security number, credit card number, CSV code from the back of the card, mother’s maiden name and a lock of your hair.


Name and address will do. And the hair.

I will send like 40 cards.

Don’t forget I also paint things for a nominal fee. If you want some Heartwork, hit me up and I shall create you a keepsake.