I thought I would have more time to tell you every ridiculous detail of this trip! Yesterday we made it completely across Wisconsin and Minnesota. Wisconsin was beautiful - I loved Milwaukee and Madison and the lakes. Minnesota was very flat and boring, but I’m sure it’s just the part we drove through. Then we made it to Sioux Falls and Mitchell, South Dakota last night. Today we head to the Badlands and really start to see some amazing terrain. My sister and I are getting along beautifully and her dog is only a 2 on the Jack Russell Terrier craz-o-meter. So far, we’ve been very lucky. It’s hard to believe we’ve already driven about 1200 miles and traversed 7 states (8 for me, if I count NJ where I began). Check out my Instagram for lots of great pics (shiraselko) and more to come. Keep sending suggestions of things to see and where to eat! Xoxo.